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Three short stories with a melody. "Notice Me" is about three people who want the same be noticed. Like we all want. Sometimes that need takes us to the intersection of absurdity, desperation and hope.

"On her new single,'Notice Me,' Susan's voice sounds as strong as ever, singing her darkly humorous lyrics over a great backing track."


"There are worlds of Susan Sisko Carter

in this one magic trip."

     —Rob Barnett

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 "Susan Sisko Carter's 'If I Wanted To' is shimmering wild woman energy."

                                                                                              ––Daisy Press

"The Day Little Jimmy Scott Sang Just for Me", Susan's musical homage to the legendary singer, has struck an emotional chord with fans from Newark, New Jersey to Paris, France. "Susan Sisko Carter's song tells a poignant story of the impression Jimmy Scott left with a 10-year-old girl and captures the true essence of Jimmy, a kind, giving heart. Knowing Jimmy as I do, it was honest and moved me to tears. I absolutely love 'The Day Little Jimmy Scott Sang Just for Me.'"                    

                                                                                               ––Jeanie Scott

 ""What better time than now to hear Laura Nyro’s classic “Save the Country” again, and Susan Sisko Carter has more than done it justice, evoking the mixture of jaunty optimism and gospel “fury” with which Nyro infused the original. And what a voice! Not too many women singers can match Nyro’s range, but Sisko Carter does easily, climbing from alto to soprano with ease and joy.”
          ––Michele Kort, author of the book Soul Picnic: The Music and Passion of Laura Nyro


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