Singer.  Songwriter.  Writer of stories that need no melodies.



     Recently I told a friend that a radio station in Japan had officially declared a recording of mine "a magical pop moment."  My friend liked that.  And  when I

told him that I had heard my music playing in a Paris cafe, while drinking espresso and gazing out at the Seine, he said: "That means you can say you're internationally acclaimed!  You need to let people know that."

     Well, okay then.  I am an internationally acclaimed singer and songwriter.  I am also, for reasons of my own doing...semi-known.

     This epiphany––the reasons-of-my-own-doing part––occurred to me on a hot, smoggy afternoon in a popular Los Angeles vinyl record store, where five vinyl- browsing fans recognized me...each by a different name. (There are real live witnesses to this fact.)  I have sung, written, and recorded under five different names:  Susan Rafey, Susan Carter, Miss Outrageous Nevada, Susan Sisko and––

Susan Sisko Carter.

     No.  I am not a fugitive on the lam.  I am just a woman with a vivid imagination

who, through the years, has dressed myself in new names like most women do with new clothes.  A snappy pseudonym was a facilitator of fantasy.  Good for creativity.  Not so good for career strategy.

     It was only while Googling my various names one night, as a full moon found me through the skylight of my cottage, that I discovered thousands of fans were inquiring about me and posting my music on social media.  Some of those recordings were made when I was only thirteen-years-old...and signed to a major label.

     Between then and now, I have lived a life rich with material for songs and stories.  When I sing, I try to convey intimacy in my if I am divulging secrets with a melody. But I must admit: my best secret has been myself.  Until now.

     Here I am––Susan Sisko Carter––happy that you have searched for me.  Even happier that you have found me.


© Susan Sisko Carter, 2020